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来源:分分pk拾http://www.8klife.com 日期:2019-05-23 发布人:晟亚小编
  Rust stone road is mainly used outdoors, often exposed to sunshine and rain, long-term will make the appearance of material reactions, forming a variety of stone diseases.
  We all know that the rust road along the stone, it has always played a decorative role on the roadside, but also is deeply polluted. Although there are many elements of environmental pollution in our daily life, we can see from our daily life what kinds of pollution sources there are.
  Category I: Juice,
  Fruit juice is a favorite drink for many people. It is very common. It contains pigments. If it is invaded by fruit juice, it can not be disposed of in time. It will cause the appearance of rust stone to yellowing. Especially acidic juices, such as lemons and oranges, are soaked into the interior of the stone, which corrodes the stone and forms a rough appearance.
  For this kind of rust stone along the road polluted by fruit juice, we advocate timely liquidation, stop cleaning those rust stones that have been seriously polluted with detergent, and stop cleaning and disposal with professional detergent if they are not cleaned and cleaned again. The appearance of rust stone along the road has been corroded, so we advocate polishing treatment when they are used.
  Category II: Oil stains and grease stains
  It is the most common pollution problem along rusty stone road, which can be basically divided into two kinds of soot and liquid oil. In fact, if the rusty stone along the road is polluted by soot, it is easy to stop the stone liquidation. Only by using neutral oil cleaning agent, the stone pollution caused by liquid oil should be stopped in time until it is clean. So far, the next step is to use neutral oil stain disposal agent to stop the disposal. I suggest that if you find that oil stain has infiltrated into the interior of stone or the source of pollution is the daily oil we use, you must remember to use detergent soaking for about 10 minutes, then use a harder brush, after several repetitions, you can.
  The third category: dairy products
  What we call dairy products is animal fat, that is, butter and butter. Once rust is contaminated by such dairy products, it is not only indicated that it will be corroded, but also that rust itself will be smelly. Therefore, we should pay special attention to it.
  Above is the source of pollution of rust stone in our life. While maintaining rust stone, we should also pay attention to the above pollution source, and take good protective measures to show rust stone pollution and stop cleaning immediately. More relevant content can be clicked on our official website to stop consulting: http://www.8klife.com
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