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  Now, with the rapid development of our country, the demand for natural Shandong yellow rust stone decoration industry is also increasing. Shandong yellow rust stone sales growth is more special in Shandong yellow rust stone. The types of Shandong yellow rust stone decoration are especially welcomed by the majority of customers. Here is a brief introduction of Shandong yellow rust stone edge grinding technology, for your reference.
  Hand Edge Grinding Technology
  The traditional manual edge grinding process is simple and suitable for products with less edge grinding quantity and low quality requirement. In addition, this method is usually used to solve the problem of edge grinding when there is no edge grinder on the decoration site.
  Disadvantage of manual edge grinding:
  1. 磨边质量差,易出现波浪。
  1. The quality of edge grinding is poor and waves are easy to appear.
  2. 磨边形状:很难统一,且磨边经常不一致。
  2. Edge shape: It is difficult to unify, and the edges are often inconsistent.
  3. Low grinding efficiency.
  4. 磨边时产生的粉尘较大,影响和恶化了工作环境。
  4. The dust produced during edge grinding is larger, which affects and deteriorates the working environment.
  Advantages of manual edge grinding:
  1. 方便、灵活。
  1. Convenience and flexibility.
  2 . .磨边成本相对较低,不投入更多资金购买设备。
  2. The cost of edge grinding is relatively low, and no more funds are invested to purchase equipment.
  3. Short lapping period. According to the requirements of processing orders, the edge can be grinded in time without waiting for the forming tool to process and waste time.
  4. 适用于加工少量磨边产品。
  4. Suitable for processing a small amount of edge grinding products.
  The steps and methods of manual edge grinding are as follows:
  1. 首先在加工顺序中找出磨边类型。
  1. Find out the type of edge grinding in the processing sequence.
  2. 制作磨边形状的磨板。通常使用3MM厚的胶合板,但好使用铁板或铝板,这样不易变形。
  2. Making grinding plate with grinding edge shape. Usually 3MM plywood is used, but it is better to use iron or aluminium plate, which is not easy to deform.
  3. The plate with bending edge should be made into corresponding bending edge template, and the plate to be processed should be cut into bending plate first.
  4. 画线。将模板靠近待磨石板的两侧。使用适当的笔划来塑造要锐化的边缘。
  4. Draw lines. Put the formwork close to both sides of the slab to be ground. Use appropriate strokes to shape sharp edges.
  5. 用角磨机沿着所画线的外轮廓对要切割的零件进行研磨,再研磨成待磨边的形状。修磨时,角磨机芯的距离应尽可能长。
  5. Grinding the parts to be cut along the outline of the drawn line with a corner mill, and then grinding them into the shape of the edge to be grinded. When grinding, the distance of the angle mill core should be as long as possible.
  6. 精磨、水抛光。依次使用60#、120#、220#、320#、500#、600#、800#、1500#抛光待抛光边缘。使用前500#四种型号叶片时,应按图3所示箭头方向前后磨边,前后磨边距离应较长。当抛光后四种类型的叶片时,沿着图4所示的箭头方向来回移动。用该方法抛光的产品形状和亮度都很好。对于500#前的四块,好使用磨头而不是手工磨头来打磨花岗岩边缘,这样可以消除磨边上的波浪。
  6. Fine grinding and water polishing. The edges to be polished are polished with 60, 120, 220, 320, 500, 600, 800, 1500, respectively. When using the first 500 # four types of blades, the front and back edges should be grinded according to the arrow direction shown in Figure 3, and the distance between the front and back edges should be longer. When polishing the last four types of blades, move back and forth along the arrow direction shown in Figure 4. The shape and brightness of products polished by this method are very good. For the four pieces before 500 #, it is better to use a grinding head instead of a manual grinding head to grind the granite edge, so as to eliminate the wave on the grinding edge.
  7. 刃磨质量检验。由于不同的人技术的差异,手工磨边是不一致的。为使加工后的产品达到质量要求,必须严格按照客户提供的磨边样品或安装图纸进行检验。
  7. Grinding quality inspection. Because of the difference of different people's technology, hand-grinding is not the same. In order to make the processed products meet the quality requirements, it is necessary to inspect them strictly according to the grinding samples or installation drawings provided by customers.
  About Xiaobian to give you some yellow rust stone edge grinding technology in Shandong hope you read the above article carefully, everyone will complete the help, if you have anything about Shandong yellow rust stone do not know you can contact us at any time, you can also come to our company for detailed consultation.
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